re:wild x colossal

re:wild x colossal

Where conservation and cutting-edge technology combine.

A partnership for a wilder world.

When Re:wild and Colossal Biosciences began talking about a possible partnership in 2022, one thing became abundantly clear: by fusing Colossal’s de-extinction toolkit and Re:wild’s expertise, we could revolutionize the conservation of Critically Endangered species on the brink of extinction, and bolster the health of the planet in a new and unprecedented way. 

Where conservation and cutting-edge technology combine

Colossal is developing de-extinction technology to bring back the iconic Thylacine, Dodo and Woolly Mammoth from extinction as re-built de-extinct species. Together we will focus on Critically Endangered species by deploying this technology to revolutionize how we prevent these species from going Extinct and restore their populations. 

Today we're working together, and with local partners, to protect and restore:

We are using cutting-edge technology to protect and restore the most ancient technology that keeps our planet going: the wild. 

Northern White Rhino
African Forest Elephant
Asian Elephant
Pink Pigeon
Victorian Grassland Earless Dragon


Together we have developed a 10-year conservation strategy to benefit countless species and restore critical ecosystems, combining Re:wild’s expertise in wildlife and ecosystem conservation along with partner and community engagement, with Colossal’s advances in the fields of genomics, assisted reproductive technologies, gene editing and computational biology.

Supporting or creating conservation breeding programs with local partners to utilize Colossal’s de-extinction technologies to help Endangered and Critically Endangered species, and support their reintroduction into the wild.

Supporting local partners to reintroduce more than 30 threatened species back to their native ecosystems as part of a new species reintroduction fund.

Supporting local conservationists in the search for at least 50 lost species — species that have not been documented in 10 or more years, but could still exist. Colossal is a key supporter of Re:wild’s Search for Lost Species program.

Working with local partners and governments to restore at least three key sites.

Re:wild will advise Colossal on the ecological feasibility of introducing re-built de-extinct species to their native ecosystems, while governments and other experts will advise on the legal, social and ethical feasibility. All of this work will be done in close collaboration with local communities, governments, organizations, and Indigenous peoples. 

In the future we’re hoping to work together to protect and restore: